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First, Foremost and ExclusiveRussian/Russkiy Toy Kennel

in the United States

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 Home of the Russkiy/Russian Toy dog, also known as Moscow Toy Terrier, Russian Longhaired Toy Terrier and Russkiy Toy

 Why the name aReLeTTe? At the time I formed my Kennel, the name of this breed was Russkiy Longhaired Toy Terrier - RLTT:  aR-eL-Te-Te. Move one "e" and you get aReLeTTe.

aReLeTTe Kennel does not support the purposeless mass breeding of Russian/Russkiy Toy dogs.
aReLeTTe Kennel breeds to the FCI recognized standard of excellence, and to the guidelines of UKC.
aReLeTTe Kennel will remain vigilant in the preservation and protection of the Russkiy Toy dog.

_______________________________________________________________________________     robinia Brinni has found her forever loving home !


Superdogs TryOut in Canada. Christina Feldvari's Russkiy Toy dog - Rooster  - is flying !!

Registered name is aReLeTTe's Kanosak Iz Cleo. Kanosak in the Inuit language means GOLD

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2 RTs St. Basil kris/igrek/moscow 4-7mo old puppies

St.Basil & my 1st RT girls; Kris & Igrek in Moscow; RTs from Moscow w/ homes in US


From Dog World Magazine, Aug 2012, pg 52 (see full article below)




aReLeTTe kennel is the First Official and Most Trusted Kennel of Russian/Russkiy Toys in the US. We are the first to re-discover the Russkiy Toy dogs and bring them back from Russia to the US in 2004.  We are the only kennel in US with fifth (5th) generation Russkiy Toy dogs.

We have 8 Grand Champions and 7 Champions with the United Kennel Club (UKC).

My World Champions: Female - Cecilia, daughter of Shansik Zhar and Zhuravushka Doch Agata. Puppy - Hrustalnaya Mechta Klassica Zhanra, later donated to another breeder.

Before 2008: Before UKC accepted the breed, I showed in ARBA & IABCA. I have too many Champions, but will list a few: Hrustalnaya Mechta I-Zet, Efrosinia Russkaia Dusha, Buloshka S Izuyamom, etc.

My Grand Champions, UKC: aReLeTTe's PASHA, Black Swan's KODIAK (Matisse), aReLeTTe's ESSE , aReLeTTe's REX , aReLeTTe's ZUAR, aReLeTTe's YASHMA and Erae's ALLY at aReLeTTe. aReLeTTe's ESCHER iz Pasha

My Champions, UKC: Povelitel Vseya Rusi Yaromir, called Mr. Blue. (He is the first Russkiy Toy dog to Champion in the US, and the first smooth blue/tan RT in the US). aReLeTTe's FIONA,  aReLeTTe's ISABELLA, aReLeTTe's DEMITASSE,  Black Swan's CLEO @ aReLeTTe,  aReLeTTe's Kaliska Iz Cleo,  aReLeTTe's Kendi Iz Cleo and so on.

We have several dogs in training for AKC Performance Events. Our aReLeTTe's Aleksander (ZANDER) is the FIRST Russian Toy to participate in Agility Trials, and will soon take the MACH title. aReLeTTe's KANOSAK and aReLeTTe's KIROS, call names Rango and Rooster, have completed the UKC Lure Coursing, and gained the title CA - Coursing Aptitude

aReLeTTe is the first and only US Breeder, as a non-Russian, who makes the effort to travel to Moscow and/or Sweden, to meet with Russian/Swedish Toy Breeders before bringing back their new Russian Toys.

We belong to the Russkiy Toy Dog Club of America, Inc. and keep a Breed Registry for our own Russkiy Toys and their ancestors. For all who wish to join this excellent, reputable, and functioning Russkiy Toy Dog Club of America, Inc., just click on the name and go to "Membership". The RTDCA, Inc. Breed Registry has over 850 pedigreed Russian/Russkiy Toy dogs in its registry.

Our kennel is active in RTDCA, Inc. with UKC. Our customers are always encouraged to register their new puppies in UKC.

All my dogs have purebred, Champion ancestors. At our Kennel, we have whelped many purebred Russkiy Toy puppies, who have become Grand Champions and Champions. Our kennel owned/co-owned all Russkiy Toys in the UKC Top Ten 2009 & 2010. We are constantly receiving accolades by judges around the world, for the excellent dogs we breed and show.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. We welcome your inquiries.


DOG WORLD MAGAZINE, August 2012 - Russian/Russkiy Toy Rare Breed Spotlight

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Excerpt from above article



Our full page AD in Dog World Magazine



Click here for nr. 1, iWeb page of aReLeTTe History.

Click here for Nr. 2 iWeb page of Moscow, Russia....COMING SOON..

Click here for Nr. 3 iWeb page, Kolomna, Russia.

Click here for Nr. 4 iWeb page, aReLeTTe & RTDCA, Inc.....COMING SOON

aReLeTTe Kennel is making History ! We have numerous FIRSTS in the US:

1.We are the first to re-discover the Russkiy Toy dog and bring it back to the US in 2004. Details on our Breed History page.

2. We are the first to travel to Russia, to bring back Russkiy Toys for breeding and showing.

3. We are the first to show the RTs in United Kennel Club (UKC).

4. We are the first US kennel to ship 3RTs to Norway.

5. We are the first to Champion numerous RT dogs in the venues available at the time: IABCA, ARBA & NAKC.

6. We are the first to show US owned RTs in the World Dog Show (WDS) in Mexico City, in May of 2007. In Stockholm, Sweden in 2008 & in Herning, Denmark in 2010

7. We are the first to bring a smooth blue/tan male to the US.

8. We are the first to Champion a smooth RT with UKC. Details on our Show/Event page.

9. We are the first kennel to join the Russkiy Toy Dog Club of America, Inc. in 2008

10. We are the first kennel to bring an RT puppy back from Sweden.

11. We are the first to have one of our dogs registered with CHIC. HRH Ruby at aReLeTTe

12. We are the first to Grand Champion a long haired RT with UKC.

13. We are the first to have 8 Grand Champions with UKC.

14. We are the first to Own/Co-own all RTs in UKC TopTen for 2009, 2010 & 2011.

15. We are the first to have an ALTCH with UKC.

16. We are the first to Champion a 3rd generation Bred By with UKC.

17. AKC Eukanuba Invitational in Orlando, Florida

18. We are the first and only US kennel, in 2012, to have 8 GRCHs & 7 + CHs with UKC.

19. We are the first to have bred two RTs who have the title CA - Coursing Aptitude in UKC Lure Coursing.

aReLeTTe's continued renown among Russian Toy owners and fanciers is undisputed.


Here is a link to hundreds of fantastic photos by Karmen Rose, the owner of our first two puppies born in our Kennel.    Vaskya Malatova (aReLeTTe's BRIE) and Yasha(aReLeTTe's ASH): 6 years ago tipped ears were very much allowed.



Karmen Rose started a web site for Russian/Russkiy Toy news: http://cutetinies.com/


 Brie, 3mo 

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